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Mission Statement

The association’s mission is to bring together La Trame practitioners and to ensure the quality and integrity of their practice as well as to ensure public protection. The association strives to promote La Trame therapy everywhere in Canada.

To become a certified Trame practitioner:

You must complete the Trame level 3 by an accreditated instructor.
You also need to send a copy of your diploma at your first membership subscription. Being a member of the ACT-CAT allows you to:  

  • Have a visibilty on our website;
  • Receive a certificate that authentifies your membership to the ACT-CAT;
  • Be informed on the Trame subject throughout Canada;
  • Participate to the annual general meeting.

To be an official member in good standing order with the Canadian Association of La Trame, reach the “Not a member yet” option below in the Login section.

Also, you may download the PDF and send it back, properly filled, to this following address or the addresse indicated on the right hand side.

Download the membership form here

Canadian Association of La Trame
2601 Rang de la Savane
Richelieu, Qc
J3L 6P2

To pay the membership you may do a cheque or you may send an Interac to our address:
The membership starts on October 1st and and end on September 30th of each year and and cost $75.


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