About us

Description of La Trame

La Trame refers to the quantum grid, composed of vertical, horizontal and transversal lines that together determine the organization of cells. This information creates various patterns that determine the organization of cells in our body, as well as minerals and many other cellular components.

Treatments help release crystallized emotions and blockages in the body, thus creating better undulation and circulation of information. As a result, this helps in eliminating or attenuating disorders on the physical, psychological, emotional and even interpersonal levels. It treats the real cause of body dysfunction in the entire body.

How does La Trame work?

In our universe, information and energy circulate in a wave-like, almost sinusoidal, manner. For example, if you take the end of a carpet and shake it, you will notice that the wave generated moves in a sinusoidal pattern. While continuing to shake the carpet, place a large stone on it. The stone will disturb the transmission of the wave, which is information.

The stone will move with the oscillation until it is resides outside of the carpet. Information flows in a similar manner in our body, but in three-dimensions: on a longitudinal axis, a vertical axis and a transversal axis.

The stone in this analogy represents disturbed or blocked emotions. If they have not been able to circulate or distribute evenly in the body, they may have become crystallized in some region of the human Trame. In the practical application of this holistic technique, the objective is typically to remove the stone corresponding to the crystallization. This will allow any disturbed emotions to disappear or dissipate. The body’s energy can now flow freely, and the person can regain better health. By removing the stone, the information is given back to all the cells that make up the human body pattern, which is composed of some 35 trillion cells.

La Trame is a holistic healing technique with a sequence of 16 special maneuvers that help return the body to its initial vibration state. These therapeutic maneuvers are done on a clothed client, lying on their back on a massage table. The session is conducted without any psychological or psychoanalytical interpretation, and without any diagnosis.

During a session, which may last between 45 and 60 minutes, the Trame practitioner places their hands on different specific locations on the client. Using specific maneuvers, they stimulate the body’s healing vibration wave. The emotions are then evacuated without the client having to relive any trauma whatsoever. It may happen; however, that pain is manifested during the treatment. This is an indication that there is a blockage and that that area of the body is seeking to be rebalanced.

There may be a delay in the manifestation of the beneficial effects from a session – as it may take some time for the cells to return to being in tune with the information that is now freely circulating again. It is therefore very important to allow three to six weeks between sessions, so that the full effect of La Trame can continue its work during this time.