The Canadian Trame Association

An association close to its members

Our purpose

The Association

  • Bringing together accredited practitioners of Trame Vibrational Therapy.
  • Ensuring quality and integrity of practice for its members.
  • Ensuring the protection of the public.
  • Promoting Trame Vibrational Therapy in Canada.
  • Promoting the teachings of Trame Vibrational Therapy in Canada through the College of Trainers.

The College of Trainers

  • Ensuring the sustainability of the teachings and its recognition across Canada.
  • Ensuring education for practitioners.
  • Ensuring instruction to trainers.

The Association and the College of Trainers are the only bodies officially recognized by the creator of La Trame, Patrick Burensteinas.

Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors is composed of 7 member practitioners or trainers :

Philippe Berne, president – treasurer

Karine Côté, secretary,

Marie-Diane Perron, director of communications

Diane Messier, Administrator

Pascal Gironne, Administrator

How to participate in the development of Trame Vibrational Therapy and become a member.