The creator of the technique

Who is Patrick Burensteinas?

Patrick BURENSTEINAS has always wanted to understand the world. This is what led him, more than 30 years ago to Alchemy, thinking at first that it was a medieval figment of the imagination, he now says:

Alchemy for me, is a way for man to find his place, to renew his dialogue with nature and with himself, not in a magical-lyrical vision, but in the real world. Our vision is not limited to our understanding, it propels us towards knowledge.

As an author, lecturer and international trainer, Patrick Burensteinas is recognized as much for his enthusiasm, his sociability and his ability to synthesize as for his ability to popularize the principles and notions of Alchemy.

For him, there is no difference between science and alchemy; they are only two different points of view.

While working on the relationship between matter and energy, between man and the universe, he was able to derive from his findings an original technique, which is a direct application of the principles of Alchemy to human beings: this technique is Trame Vibrational Therapy. Trame is the name Patrick Burensteinas uses to describe the blueprint of our body. It represents the quantum grid which informs our cells as to their organization within the body.

He summarizes this method in the book : La Trame, se soigner par l’énergie du monde. It allows for the partnership, the harmonious cohabitation our body has with the universe.

"He who is restless does not observe" - Patrick Burensteinas

Brief bibliography

Numerous PRESS articles: Le Monde des religions, L’inexploré, La Croix, Orbs, Air France…

Numerous conferences on Youtube

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