Trame Vibrational Therapy

What is Trame and what are its benefits?

Trame Vibrational Therapy

The technique

Trame Vibrational Therapy clears the way for the body to find its equilibrium. It is a vibratory technique that works holistically. Depending on what the body needs, Trame will work at different levels, . It allows the release of emotional blockages, reduces physical pain and psychological disorders.

To illustrate how it works let’s compare the body’s emotional grid to a carpet. When we gently shake the carpet, we create a wave that allows for the liberation of different blockages.

With the blocages gone the wave is able to move through more freely. In the body, Trame acts the same way. Once blocages in the form of unexpressed emotions are liberated, the information flows freely and the body can return to homeostasis (harmony), reducing stress and tension.

The intended result is to bring all levels of the body back into alignment thus returning it to a unified state which allows the individual to experience an improvement in their quality of life.

Discover clarity by aligning with yourself. Unburden yourself with this instrument of personal growth.

A treatment session

The session lasts about an hour. The individual remains fully clothed and lies on their back on a massage table. The treatment is however not similar to a massage in any way. The practitioner places their hands on the torso, the feet and the head in a precise sequence. Following the treatment, people experience a sense of well-being and relaxation.

There is no medical diagnosis, no psychoanalytical or psychological interpretation. Trame is not meant to replace medical treatment nor should it delay a consultation with a health care professional.

The treatment is given at intervals of 3 to 6 weeks.

A Trame session

The benefits

Trame Vibrational Therapy aims to improve the quality of life by bringing back into alignment all three dimensions of the human being: the physical, the emotional and the psychological.

Effective in cases of depression, stress, anxiety, ADHD, poor concentration, muscle pain, digestive and sleep disorders, as well as problems related to the menstrual cycle and menopause. It also offers relief to individuals suffering from fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, cancer and more.

Physical benefits* :

  • Increase in energy.
  • Reduction of pain.
  • Easing of tensions.

Psychological benefits* :

  • Liberation of unexpressed emotions.
  • Reduction in stress and anxiety.
  • Offers clarity in a difficult situation.
  • Alleviation of depression and anxiety.

Indirect benefits* :

General improvement of family, personal, professional life and our environment.

*List of some observations following the treatment offered.