The founder

Patrick Burensteinas

Author, international speaker and trainer, Patrick Burensteinas is known for his enthusiasm, friendliness and his ability to popularize complex alchemy concepts into easy-to-understand laymen terms.

A scientist by training, he became interested in alchemy at a very young age. He discovered a resonance in science that coincided with his own research and passion. For him, there is no difference between science and alchemy; they are simply two different points of view of the same reality.

“For me, alchemy enables mankind to find our place, to renew our dialogue with nature and with ourselves. It is not a magical vision, but rather a very real and worldly one. Our vision does not stop at the limits of our own knowledge; rather it pushes us towards understanding.”

Faithful to the philosophy of alchemy, Patrick Burensteinas went on to create La Trame. He also developed a new approach to Kabbalah teaching and the transmission of the Alchemy Way.

He has created many powerful personal development tools that are easy to apply in our stressful modern day life. These tools become accessible through various courses and initiation journeys, which all share a common goal: updating what is known as “ancestral knowledge” to better understand the philosophy of this multi millennial tradition, and perhaps take that path.

Some of his publications, through Mercure Dauphinois editions:

He also participated in a series of seven films “Le Voyage Alchimique de Bruxelles à Saint-Jacques de Compostelle”, which was directed by Georges Combe.

It depicts a fantastic journey of seven important places:

These seven places are well explained in the films. They will also familiarize you with the secrets of the great work of alchemy!

Patrick Burensteinas has also participated in several radio programs aired on “Ici & Maintenant”, which are available for download from their program catalogues.

In addition, he was involved in the Scientific initiatives of Africa, as part of the committee as both an expert and a specialist in traditional medicine.