Trainer in Quebec
Denis Fréchette
Chantal Varin
Diane Messier

Trainer in New-Brunswick
Chantal Varin

Trainer in Ontario
Marise Foster

Trainer in British Columbia
Elyza Maennlings

In order to become a certified Trame practitioner, participants must complete the first three levels of training: Trame I, Trame II and Trame III, meet all the requirements, pass the certification exam.

For accredited practitioners, there is a Trame IV training as well as different levels and opportunities for further development.

Each trainer is accredited by Patrick Burensteinas, the creator of the Trame technique. Trainers are committed to respecting the standards established by Patrick Burensteinas during the training of future practitioners.

Trame I

30 hours, including 25 hours of training over 4 days.

After completing this level, students are able to provide a basic La Trame treatment.

Learn about the definition of the LaTrame technique, its discovery and applications. Students learn to become aware and distinguish between the different obstructions or blockages in the human body in order to restore coherence. Students learn the sequence of the 16 maneuvers and the importance of the associated breathing. Students discover what the information pattern of the human body is, the axes and the circulation of information in the human body. Finally, students also study the three types of pathologies.

Trame II

25 hours of training over 4 days.

After completing this level of training, the student will be able to provide a Trame session at a much more in-depth level. Students now have the skill to properly distinguish between different methods of intervention to release the client’s Trame more effectively.

The student must have successfully completed Trame I;

The student will be required to submit three new case studies that are required within one month following the training.

This level helps students further understand how the information circulating in the Trame works. Students learn to identify crystallizations and knots as well as methods to release the Trame. The level of sensitivity of the practitioner is further developed within the technique. Students learn much more about breathing and about resonance. Students will further explore the effects of the technique and incorporate the symbols of the tree of life as an intervention tool.

Trame III

25 hours/3 days

The student must adequately master the techniques of Trame and all level II tools;
The student must have performed a minimum of 50 treatments of the Trame technique;
The student must have submitted all three level II case studies.

Certification: Certification exam
Students become fully certified after successfully completing the practical examination.

In the event that the student does not pass the exam, he/she has the opportunity, during another training session, to retake it, at no additional cost.

After successfully completing the practical examination, the student becomes recognized as an accredited practitioner of the Trame technique and is ready to start working with clients in a professional practice.

Additional emphasis is placed on breathing. The focus is placed on the intention and the search for the subtlety of the therapy for the client’s Trame vibration. Students will learn how to change the information that circulates in the body. A thorough study of the three main types of pathologies is seen. There are also more case studies, new tools and a certification exam.