of La Trame

A word to the humanity from Patrick

In a world where everything seems to be crumbling, the only stable resource we have is intelligence. Do not succumb to individualism, fear tactics or ideas of bad omens. Panic has never saved anyone from anything. Only working together can do that.

It is always said that all good things must come to an end, it is also true for the worst things. So let’s tackle this together without fear knowing that the strongest will protect the weakest because that is in their nature.

Even if physical contact is proscribed, maintain contact by whatever means possible. Do not abandon one another; this is a perfect opportunity to call someone you may have been neglecting. Renew your ties with humanity now that time is on your side. Technology that seemed to isolate us is now a useful tool for us to find one another again.

It’s time to build a New World of togetherness… Imagine, create, take advantage of this pause. Do not interpret this confinement as a curse but as an opportunity to find yourself and to ponder about the future. Instead of a conventional future, imagine for yourself a future in which you are at your happiest.

This virus illuminates our ego and uses it to grow. Let’s not give it more fuel that it deserves. Work together; do not give up. When one world crumbles it takes the work of many to build a new one.

Do not linger on what will be lost; focus on what we will gain TOGETHER.

I’m counting on you like you can count on me.

Patrick Burensteinas

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A description of the vibrational therapeutic technique La Trame
The list of certified practitioners of the Canadian Association of La Trame

What is La Trame

La Trame is a vibrational therapeutic technique that promotes healing. It was developed more than 20 years ago by Patrick Burensteinas, physician and alchemist.  La Trame sessions allow the body to release crystallized emotions and blockages, thereby creating improved circulation of information. It treats the real cause of body dysfunction in the entire body and works in a holistic manner to restore overall health and well-being.

La Trame can be viewed as equivalent to a great cleansing that allows access to the body’s deep and natural essence. It is a powerful technique that enables change. Over time, it can free us from certain programmed patterns and behavioral limitations.

La Trame broadens our horizons.